IK Multimedia iLoud

IK Multimedia iLOUD

OUT OF THE BOX Well I could not wait to open the box that was just delivered. Today is the day I get to do a hands on with IK Multimedia’s entry into the portable Bluetooth speaker market the iLoud The box contained the iLoud itself, power adapter, TRRS 3.5mm connector cord, quick start manual Continue Reading…

21 Sep 2015
SampleTank 3 Mac

IK Multimedia SampleTank 3

SampleTank IN THE BEGINNING In 2001 IK Multimedia introduced the world to the first SampleTank.  The concepts of virtual instruments was just catching on. The promise of high quality sounds with the ability to use them in new and innovative ways inside your computer were the dreams of most musicians of the day. Until that Continue Reading…

19 Aug 2014
iRig MIDI 2

IK Multimedia iRig MIDI 2

AFTER ALL THESE YEARS This year we celebrate MIDI being with us for 30 years. MIDI otherwise known as the Musical Instrument Digital Interface opened the door for us to create music in ways we would have never thought possible 30 years ago. MIDI provides a way for keyboards and musical instruments to communicate with each Continue Reading…

30 Jul 2014
Lynktec Apex Stylus

Lynktec Apex Rechargeable Fine Tip Stylus

THE IPAD IMPACT The iPad has been around for a few years and I think we can all agree that it has made a major impact on portable computing. Tasks that previously needed a full featured desktop or laptop computer can now be done using Apple’s “magical” device. One of my first thoughts about the Continue Reading…

07 Jul 2014


TruePianos is not like any other type of Piano VST out in the market today as it uses a combination of Sampling and physical modeling to generate its sound. Continue Reading…

10 Sep 2010
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