Nembrini Audio unleashes Minotaur, transparent Nineties-vintage guitar overdrive FREE

Minotaur LOGOPAVIA, ITALY: analog saturation circuits digital reproduction specialist Nembrini Audio is proud to announce the availability of Clon Minotaur Transparent Overdrive — magnanimously modeling the ‘transparent’ tone of the highly-collectible Klon Centaur* guitar overdrive pedal, which was hand-built between 1994 and 2009 before becoming preposterously priced, post-discontinuation — as a free effect plug-in as of May 4…

Hand-built by Bill Finnegan in relatively limited numbers, the original Klon Centaur* guitar overdrive pedal found favor with a number of notable guitarists attracted to its ‘transparent’ tone — an ability to add gain to the signal without significantly altering the tone of the guitar, in other words, which has been modeled in Clon Minotaur Transparent Overdrive, offered for free by Nembrini Audio as an effect plug-in (and also available for free in an iOS-friendly form on the App Store:

Minotaur Main GUI

Duly depending on the settings of its GAIN, TREBLE, and OUTPUT control knobs — closely following in the footsteps of the highly-collectible hardware from which it takes its inspiration, Clon Minotaur Transparent Overdrive often acts as a clean boost by adding volume and minimal coloring to the sound, which, in turn, can be used to drive the input valve stage of the virtual amplifier to produce the distorted characteristics of an overdriven guitar amp.

As such, Clon Minotaur Transparent Overdrive controls can be set to distort the sound signal in the plug-in, where two modeled germanium diodes can perform waveform clipping with the GAIN parameter controlling the balance between the diode clipping stage and the clean stage. Thereafter, the two signals are summed together before interacting with the TREBLE and OUTPUT (volume) controls.

Minotaur iPhone

Conversely, Clon Minotaur Transparent Overdrive’s magnanimously modeled approach to the ‘pricing parameter’ far from closely follows in the footsteps of the highly-collectible hardware from which it takes its inspiration — after all, original Klon Centaur* guitar overdrives often fetch four-figure sums in today’s highly-competitive second-hand marketplace — making it a no-brainer for anyone interested in its (meticulously modeled) sound!

Clon Minotaur Transparent Overdrive is available for free (as an AAX-, AU-, VST2-, and VST3-supporting plug-in for macOS 10.9 or newer and Windows 7 or newer with no iLok required) from its dedicated webpage (, which also includes more in-depth info.

Flexibility further abounds as Clon Minotaur Transparent Overdrive is also available in AuV3 format for iOS for free on the App Store from here:

Minotaur iPAD

* Please note that all marks and models are all trademarks of their respective owners, which are in no way associated or affiliated with Nembrini Audio. These marks and names are used solely for the purpose of describing certain tones produced using Nembrini Audio’s modeling technology.

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Nembrini Audio was borne out of the extensive experience of founding namesake Igor Nembrini, with over 10 years of involvement in creating many of the greatest guitar amp plug-ins on the market to his notable name. Needless to say, the company’s exacting emulations always start by perfecting the digital reproduction of analog circuits before being finely tuned by ear to remain true to the original sound. Saying that it is specialized in the digital reproduction of analog saturation circuits, whereby the dynamic behavior of each individual component is carefully modeled and tuned by ear to always achieve the most musical and creamy saturation in the digital world! With that in mind, it does not simply produce musical software but rather musical instruments suitable for every modern musician in search of uncompromising quality — products that work well in any setting and situation to let the creativity of musicians, producers, and mixing engineers flow forth for all to hear!

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