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Westwood logoA percussion instrument made from the sounds of tapping, knocking, hitting, and scraping a violin, viola, cello, and bass. Recorded during the Solo Strings Untamed sessions, we captured 40 unique sounds. With a real human feeling behind each one, some of the sounds are more traditional, whilst others are much more experimental.

Percussion Untamed - Studio


Included are over 200 drag-and-drop MIDI loops written and performed by percussionists. A brilliant starting point if you need a hit of instant inspiration. Equally helpful if you’re on a tight deadline and just need something that works.

Percussion Untamed - Kontak GUI

Either way, this is a percussion sample library that’s just a bit different. It’s right at home in a rhythmical string
quartet arrangements as well as full-on action cues when you need something that doesn’t sound like
every other composer’s taiko drums.

Percussion Untamed Features:

  • Articulations/Sounds 40
  • Microphone Positions 5
  • Number of Samples Over 1200
  • Original WAVs ~ 700 MB (48k 24bit)
  • Download size ~ 200 MB
  • Download method Pulse downloader
  • Kontakt version 5.6.8 or above – Full version required
  • NOT compatible with Kontakt Player

Available NOW at the special introductory price of $19 ($29 after June 17)

More details and ordering here: Percussion Untamed

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