Heritage Audio releases R.A.M. 1000 monitor controller as perfect solution for self-recording musicians and mid-sized studios
Heritage R.A.M 1000 - Featured

Heritage Audio LogoMADRID, SPAIN: European pro audio manufacturer Heritage Audio is proud to announce availability of its robustly-built R.A.M. 1000 professional monitor controller — combining several features from its notable namesake series siblings positioned higher up the range with modern-day studio environment essentials like Bluetooth reception to create the perfect solution for self-recording musicians and mid-sized studios, duly delivering everything needed to provide control over what is being heard right at any user’s fingertips in a small desktop unit that can handle several sources simultaneously, and all at an affordable price point that should surely prove attractive to more modest studio owners — as of October 20…

Because Bluetooth has basically become a studio standard worldwide within the last few years, implementing it in R.A.M. 1000 was an easy call for Heritage Audio to make when designing its latest professional monitor controller in an attractive and convenient desktop unit that can handle several sources simultaneously as the perfect solution for self-recording musicians and mid-sized studios. Indeed, it includes all the latest CODEC (Compression/Decompression) — APTX®, APTX LL®, AAC, APTX HD®, and SBC — options to ensure the highest-quality transmission possible at all times. There is even an option to switch the routing from OUTPUT 1 to whatever soundcard/audio interface is connected to R.A.M. 1000 for recording — really makes it easy to plug in an instrument to rehearse along to a mix, then simply route it to a recording device at the push of a button!

Overall operation of R.A.M. 1000’s input and output options — offering two pairs of +4 dBu balanced analogue inputs (with one also being -10 dBV selectable) and two stereo outputs available on both balanced XLR and ¼” connections — are, likewise, intuitive, with three topside-positioned INPUT buttons selectable to the left and two OUTPUT buttons to the right; a large but beautiful Marconi-type MASTER LEVEL knob — itself being a 64-step, gold-plated relay ladder attenuation affair (providing an exceptional resolution of 64 dB in 3 dB steps) usually only found on high-end, large-format consoles — is positioned dead centre, effectively ensuring that control is always exactly what is needed. Needless to say, two INPUT LEVEL LEDs displaying total input for the left and right audio channels are perfectly positioned top centre, so users always have them in sight, while much-needed MONO, MUTE, and DIM (-20 dB drop) buttons keep those options easily within reach, too. The always-welcomed inclusion of a high-quality HEADPHONES input is reassuringly present for those times when making a critical listening decision can only be achieved with what headphone monitoring offers. It is well worth noting here that R.A.M. 1000 employs a very high current drive in a diamond buffer configuration that is able to drive all headphones to very high levels without any colouration or noise.

It is fair to say, then, that Heritage Audio’s newest addition to its critically-acclaimed family of monitor controllers could not be easier to navigate, keeping things simple so as to not get in the way of creativity — all at an affordable price point that should surely prove attractive to more modest studio owners, as should the robustly-built, full-featured R.A.M. 1000 design itself. By blending classic RAF-grey cosmetics with that standout red-coloured Marconi-type MASTER LEVEL knob, R.A.M. 1000 is guaranteed to add a touch of class to any studio — more modest or otherwise!

R.A.M. 1000 is shipping and available via Heritage Audio’s growing global network of dealers (https://heritageaudio.com/where-to-buy-international/) with an SSP (Standalone Selling Price) of €499.00 EUR (including VAT) in the EU, respectively and a MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) of $499.00 USD, US distribution being handled via RAD Distribution (https://raddist.com/en/brands/heritage-audio).

For more in-depth information, please visit the dedicated R.A.M. 1000 webpage here: https://heritageaudio.com/ram-1000/

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Heritage Audio was founded in 2011 by Peter Rodriguez. As a civil engineer and music producer, he went from building wind turbines to following his true passion — developing recording equipment with the vintage sound that he himself admired so much and so many others yearned for. Fortunately for all, he was able to master the key elements necessary to make high-quality recording gear affordable and reliable by combining his analytical mindset with his experience as a producer within a relatively short space of time. Today, the 15-person team has expanded its production plant located in the heart of Madrid, Spain, where it collectively continues to follow a philosophy of making vintage sound possible for today’s studios, successfully introducing innovative products to rank amongst the most popular brands with top retailers throughout the world.

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