Westwood Instruments Release Their Most Expansive Title To Date – NOVELLA ORIGIN
Westwood Novella Origin - Featured


Westwood LogoNovella Origin is a multi-instrument library of contemporary cinematic sounds for stories about people and music that feels human.

Made up of an expressive 9-piece string section with true legato, a folk-inspired alto choir, an understated electric guitar, a cotton-draped upright piano, a soul-filled analogue synth, and an orchestral-influenced drum kit.

Westwood Novella Origin - GUI

A one-stop library for your next film score where the characters are flawed, and the drama is real. And a perfect companion if you’re a songwriter or producer looking for a beautiful, film-inspired soundtrack to your next album.


  • 9-Piece string ensemble with 4 individual sections and legato
  • Alto Choir
  • Electric Guitar
  • Upright Piano
  • Analogue Synth
  • Drum Kit

Type of instrument – Strings, Choir, Electric Guitar, Piano, Synth, Drums
Download size – 38.7GB download
Download method – Pulse downloader
Kontakt – Kontakt PLAYER 6.6.1 or above
Release date – 1st November 2023
Website – https://www.westwoodinstruments.com/instruments/novella-origin

Price – $349 / €349 / £299
Launch Price – $209 / €209 / £179 – Save 40%
Launch Ends – Midnight 20th November 2023


Alternative sounds for alternative composers

We make virtual instruments for film composers and music makers who want to sound different.

Westwood started from an idea that writing music when you’re in front of a screen would be much better if samples and virtual instruments weren’t stripped of all signs of life. We know that what makes music feel human and alive is not always being exactly in tune or in time. It’s the flaws that often make music sound most beautiful. For this reason our mission is the pursuit of progress not perfection. We craft unique digital instruments that are inspiring to use and put you in a creative headspace.

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