Fracture Sounds Release TRAILS an exciting collaboration with violinist Alexander Parsons
Fracture Sounds - Trails Featured

After releasing their sough-after Signature Series libraries Woodchester Piano with Bleeding Fingers composer James Everingham, and Petrichor with Dan Keen, Fracture Sounds are now releasing their third collaboration- Trails with composer and violinist Alexander Parsons.

Trails is a feature-rich library of string textures, layered synths, a rare Dulcichord tabletop piano, and granular synthesis that combines all of the samples from across the acoustic and electronic instruments found in the library. It represents the sonic palette Alexander Parsons often reaches for, preferring to start from scratch when composing a new piece of music and using the tools at his disposal to inspire his works.

The name Trails emanates from the string textures that often linger in the background of Alexander’s music. The soloTRAILS - Alexander Parsons string textures play an important role in the fabrication of the library, with Parsons showcasing his talents on the violin, providing long textures and short ricochets. He invited friend and frequent collaborator Joe Zeitlin to
record the cello samples, and their ability to connect through music is prominent in the combined strings patch Fracture Sounds has provided in the library.

Alexander has also provided samples of his very rare Dulcichord. This single-stringed tabletop piano delivers brightness and clarity to the overall dark sonic world of the synths and brand-new Granular engine the team at Fracture Sounds have put together.

Overall, the library captures the essence of a sonic palette Alexander Parsons has developed over his many years as a professional composer and performer and is sure to inspire a wide range of compositions.

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