Simeon and Deborah Amburgey

Simeon and Deborah

For as long as I can remember, music has been a part of my life. 

I received the Lord Jesus at a very young age and knew right away that His hand was on my life to serve Him in the music ministry. I started in my local church playing every time I had the opportunity.

The Lord was very gracious to send people who helped me develop as a man as well as a music minister.  The Lord also blessed me with my wonderful wife Deborah. Together we have shared 36 years of marriage together, praise the Lord.

I have witnessed God’s people praise and worship in many regions of the world and it is a wonderful thing to realize the beauty that is the body of Christ.  I have also had the privileged of serving as the accompanist for Larnelle Harris for over 20 years.

Our ministry focuses on providing resources to churches and individuals who desire to develop their music ministries. We do this in several ways:
  •     By providing arranging and recording services for songwriters and church music directors.
  • Through our PraiseTrack music library which is now approaching 800 titles. These are to assist churches with limited music resources and personnel.
  • PraiseTracks can be played back using General MIDI-compatible keyboards, computers, laptops, tablets, and netbooks.
  • We also produce custom arrangements in the event an original soundtrack is not available or one is available but might not be in an appropriate key for your range.
  • Conducting Praise and Worship concerts and workshop events.
  • Consulting with music directors and other individuals having questions regarding music technology and using it to its full potential.
  • Mentoring younger musicians and songwriters assisting them in finding the will of the Lord for their lives as they seek His direction. We also desire to inspire them to continue improving their skills, gifts, and abilities.
My greatest desire is to lead others into the presence of the Lord. In His presence, you find salvation, deliverance, and healing and are made more aware of the Father’s love for you. One day we will all be a part of the greatest praise and worship meeting of all time, one that will last for all eternity.


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